Why We Run Wednesdays

Last night I had the pleasure of meeting a long-time colleague Christie at the StrollerTraffic NYC holiday dinner. Turns out, Christie has run the Boston Marathon five times! I asked her if she could name one favorite part of the race. Without hesitation, she told me about the wall of noise that hits you at the half-marathon mark as you run into Wellesley. She told me that any pain you might be feeling immediately dissipates and the sidewalks are packed with people. I pretty much started crying over my tacos in excitement. This is why I run.

Wellesley, baby.

Wellesley, baby.

I run to have memories like Christie has, to experience the wonder of doing something that only a small fraction of humans get the chance to do. And PS, her book Tap The Tree would make a fantastic holiday gift.

4 thoughts on “Why We Run Wednesdays

  1. That sounds very much like when running NYC and you are on the 59th Street Bridge. You can literally feel (and hear) the hum of the crowd on 1st Ave that grows to a roar as you come off the bridge. What a memory. Keep up the blog. I need the motivation to qualify for Boston. (not till 2017)

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