TGIF & Running With Friends

This week I posted on my Facebook page that I was in search of a morning running partner. I was totally psyched when my friend Liz responded, and let me know that she runs at 5:30am, and would love to partner up, so this morning I met her at 5:30 in town. For the second time on a run this week, I severely overdressed.  I left out our back door, and by the time I got down my own driveway, I already ditched my headband and gloves in our mailbox. When we started running, the 50 degrees felt like 80, and I was seriously regretting the long, thick leggings. It was still a really enjoyable run, and nice to catch up with Liz without chasing after little girls the whole time.  I snuck back into a completely quiet house, enjoyed a nice cup of hot coffee, and watched Parenthood while I stretched on the living room floor. TGIF, indeed!

our route

Morning Route

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