Happy Thanksgiving! Turkey Trot 2013

This morning while Merri was on a flight to warm and sunny Florida, Bev and I woke up at 6:45 for the annual Wild Turkey Salem 5 Mile run in 32 degree weather.   I made sure to wear long spandex, two long sleeve shirts, a fleece vest, gloves and a lululemon headband that covers my ears to keep warm!  The coldest part of the day was when Russ dropped us off at the start and we had to wait with the crowd of over 1,300 people in Salem Common.  The wind was a blowin’ and the whole time I kept saying to myself “It will be warmer in April, It WILL be warmer in April.”  I felt great on the run and started to warm up around the 3rd mile. Overall it was a beautiful run through Winter Island and the Willows and I finished around 46:00.   My one regret is that I was too cold to stop at the Bud Light and Bloody Mary relief stop created by some locals up in the Willows.  Mentally preparing myself for that next year!

We missed you Mer, have fun in FLA!

Happy Thanksgiving to all!! If you are feeling extra thankful and generous today please consider donating to our marathon page HERE!  #MGH  #BostonMarathon2014  #BOSTONSTRONG


Post-Race with my mom!

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