Sister Training Run – Double Digits!

We took advantage of the December heat wave and headed out  to hit 10 miles. We both had really bad nights of sleep the night before, so we knew if we could do 10 today, we could do 10 any day.

10 miles baby!

10 miles baby!

Miles 1-3: Pretty easy, light warm up, and we were starting to get really hot.

Mile 4: Headed back to the house to ditch our long sleeves and grab a water bottle to run with, which I filled with half Vitamin Water, half water.

Mile 5-6: Probably our slowest miles. We were trying to stay hydrated.

At mile 6, we popped some Gu Chomps to start practicing eating & running. We loved them (each had 2) and they weren’t too hard to digest or anything.

Gu Chomps

Gu Chomps

Mile 7-8: Feeling energized from the sugar rush, but hit some hills that were just killer. As we hit mile 9, we knew we had to make up for some slower miles.

Mile 9-10: BAM! Our two fastest miles! This is HUGE! We dug deep and found some speed left in our legs to kick it in hard for the last two miles. The road was nice and flat, which helped.

I am so proud of us for reaching double digits right before the holidays. I think our training is going really well, and we’re definitely getting in the mileage that we need at this point. Only 19 weeks to go!

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