Three Towns, 2 Girls,1 Goal!

Yesterday Mer and I embarked on our second 10 mile training run together.  This time we were running from Beverly to Danvers (Our old stompin’ grounds) and then through Wenham and back to Beverly.  It was a little chilly but the roads were clear enough to get out there and run.

Miles 1-3: We were feeling pretty strong.  Headed out onto Conant Street which would take us from Beverly to Danvers.  Had a late night at the Pickled Onion with Ms. Abby Shafner, so we felt surprisingly good for the start of the run.  Mile 3 took us off of the busy roads and into the neighborhoods of Danvers where we grew up.  We ran by Abby’s house and Danvers high school and felt like we were moving at a good pace.  Love running in the middle of streets where there are no cars and we can run side by side as opposed to single file!

Mile 4-5 took us by our old house in Danvers, and we followed Old Burley St. right by the Beverly Airport and into Wenham.

Mile 6-8 we were feeling a bit sluggish.  Around mile 6 we ate our GU Chomp Watermelon snacks which we loved so much on our last run, definitely going to stock up on those! Mile 7 took us into the Beverly Airport and the Cherry Hill Industrial Park.  This was not the highlight of the run but we knew we were close to home and we kept our spirits high.

Mile 9-10 we were back out on Conant Street heading back home.  We felt a little more tired than we did on the last run but we know that every day will be different and we are happy that we still got out there and ran 10 miles!  #Run4MGH #bostonmarathon2014



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