Tasty Thursday: Banana Pancakes

I am super excited because Mer is in Boston tonight and we will get to do another training run together on Friday. Tonight, however, we are treating ourselves to a delicious dinner at  The Butcher Shop in preparation.

This morning I woke up early for my 5:30am Crossfit class at Crossfit Variance. I think the polar vortex has ended because the doors to my car were NOT frozen shut this morn! The workout consisted of:  Warmup: 6 rounds of 2 body weight pullups, with 15 hollow rocks between each set.  WOD: 8 Rounds of 8 shoulder rack lunges, 8 hang power cleans and 8 dips.  I used an 85lb bar.  My arms were burnin at the end!

photo (1)
After my workout and before I headed to the train I made my favorite paleo breakfast pancake which is also extremely easy and quick to whip up! I just put mine in a Tupperware and heat up again at work.  SIMPLE!

1 mashed, super ripe banana;
2 eggs;
& a dash of cinnamon;

In a bowl, mash your banana with a fork. In another bowl whisk eggs. Mix eggs & banana together. Add vanilla and cinnamon. Turn pan onto medium heat. Add half of the mixture to the pan. Let the cake set until firm on the bottom & flip! Once the pancake is cooked, add the fresh berries and enjoy!!

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