Ten Plus One = Long

It’s been over a week since my last long run, but my training program allows for long weeks, followed by shorter weeks to give your body a chance to adjust.

Mile 1– All those days off the road, and my legs were raring to go. I hit an 8:53 min mile to kick things off, and had to reign myself in a little. That’s faster than I want to pace for the marathon. Way faster.  Usually my first mile is my slowest, as I am either sore from a hard CrossFit workout, just waking up, or trying to work some kinks out. I knew this run was going to be special right from the get-go. We finally had sunshine!

Miles 2-5 – I really like the same out-and-back route from my house, down Northern Blvd to Port Washington Blvd. I decided to do it twice today because the hills are great practice for Heartbreak Hill and the rolling crests of Newton. Mile 5 sort of crushed me though (ended on the biggest uphill portion), and I slowed to a 9:21 pace. It totally pissed me off, so I came back and negative split 6 and 7, at 9:11 and 8:59!

Mile 7 – I planned the route to go right past my house, and I left water on the front steps. I ditched my outer layer and headed out on mile 8.

Mile 8 – Hit a 9:04, followed by a 9:01 mile 9. So exciting to finally be able to hold this pace for 5+ miles. Training really works!

Miles 9-11 – Since I was feeling so strong, I decided at mile 9 to try and go for 11 miles, instead of the planned 10. Crushed it. I can’t say enough good things about the Run: Swiftly Turtleneck that I got this week off of the Lululemon Facebook Exchange. They are sold out in stores, so I was totally pumped to grab this one in bright coral. It was the perfect mid-layer to start off with, but then for the last 4 miles, I was warm enough just to wear it as a solo-layer.

My average pace of 9:09 makes this the fastest, farthest run for me in 2014! I still have a total runner’s high, but the brightest moment of all happened when I walked in the door to my house. I checked my email, and saw that my dear friend Ellie & her family made an incredibly generous donation to Mass General’s Pediatric Cancer Center on my behalf. This is why we run. We are all so thankful for all your support!  Bring on the BRR-OOKLYN half-marathon on January 25th! Roo and I are READY!

Run: Swiftly Turtleneck, high props

Run: Swiftly Turtleneck, huge props

* Marissa and I are training for the 2014 Boston Marathon as part of the Mass General Hospital Marathon team. We are raising money for the pediatric cancer center. Please consider making a donation to this wonderful cause. THANK YOU! *

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