5 Miles at 5:30AM: A Coffee Story

I meet my friend and running partner Liz at our local Dunkin’ Donuts on the days that we decide to tackle a morning run. This morning at 5:30am, I was surprised how chilly it was when I set out to meet her. We’ve been spoiled by some warmer weather lately. I stood inside the Dunkin’ Donuts while I waited for her, and stared longingly at the hot coffee and sweet treats. How is it that every single DD everywhere in the world has the EXACT same smell!? The coffee had to wait though…we had work to do!



Liz and I ran our usual route through some quiet streets of Manhasset. We chat the entire time, and sometimes I wonder if people inside their houses can hear us as we come down the street. Yeah, we’re THAT loud sometimes. Ooops!

Miles 1-3: Nice pace, 9:20/mile, and we were able to chat the whole time. The roads were much more slick than I thought they would be, so in a few dark spots we did a little jogging tip-toe.

Mile 3.5: Said bye to Liz, and dropped off my outer layer and headband on my front stoop, and headed back out to run a little bit more with headphones and tunes. I don’t know about you guys, but more and more lately I don’t even feel warmed up until I am a couple miles into a run.

Miles 3.5-5: A nice, solo mile and a half before the sun came up to finish up my workout. I am really happy that I can hold a 9:20/mile pace for these types of distances, and could even go faster if I really wanted to push it. My MGP (marathon goal pace) will probably be in the 10:00/10:30 range, which will still get me to my marathon PR!

* In fundraising news, Marissa and I are BOTH in the +2K range now! We are SO thankful for everyone who has donated money, left us a note of encouragement on Facebook or on our blog, or cheered us along this journey. To donate to the MGH Pediatric Cancer center, click here! Thank you! *

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