Training Run: Tempo 10K

6 days to go until our first half-marathon, so its a taper week over here. My CrossFit Endurance training plan called for a “Tempo 10K” today. I decided to interpret that as more of an on/off tempo rather than an all-out tempo, so that I could get in a couple of really fast miles (for me) rather than just 6 sort-of-fast miles. Anyway, here’s how it broke down:

Mile 1 – 9:29 warm-up
Mile 2 – 8:37 ON
Mile 3 – 9:14 OFF
Mile 4 – 8:07 ON (fastest!)
Mile 5 – 9:18 OFF
Mile 6 – 8:42 ON

I was pumped that I could get three “on” miles to feel so good during this run. It went by fast, and the weather was so cooperative. Very thankful for a long weekend so I could run in the warmer middle of the day. It looks like the frigid temps are rolling back through just in time for the BRR-OOKLYN half this weekend. Awesssssome.

short run on a long weekend

short run on a long weekend

The last time I ran a half-marathon was January 2007 at Walt Disney World. For my training run today, I wore the race shirt from 7 years ago. This time next week, Roo and I will have another half-marathon under our belt! Send us warm weather wishes, please!

Throwback to my last 1/2 marathon

Throwback: Ran in this shirt today from my last half-marathon in 2007!

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