Super Bowl Sunday – 14 Miles

“How do you stay motivated?” It’s a pretty common question that Marissa and I get asked these days.

The #1 thing that keeps our feet pounding the pavement is knowing that our friends & family are all pulling for team #HudsonStrong. On Friday I received a generous donation from our family in Detroit. Our donors aren’t just sending checks and writing “Good Luck” or using CrowdRise without a written note. They are ALL writing the most wonderful, inspirational messages that Marissa and I share with each other on a daily basis. This particular note, sent all the way from Detroit, was my inspiration for my Saturday long run. Here are the details:

I planned on running 14 or 15 miles later in the day on Sunday, but when I woke up at 6:15am, and everyone in my house was sleeping soundly, I decided that I would just head on out then so I wouldn’t miss any family time later in the day. I didn’t get enough time to properly hydrate or eat, so I decided to wear my Fuel Belt for the first time so I could eat and drink on the go. I had been eyeing these new tights from Athleta for a couple days, and actually scored the very last pair in the Manhasset store on Friday night. No better way to break in new running tights than with a nice long run!

new pants for the long run

new pants for the long run

Miles 1-4: I used this as a “warm-up” of sorts, and kept my heavier layer on and didn’t wear my fuel belt. I took off waaaay too fast (when will I learn!?), and hit under 9:00 min/mile for mile 1. Silly, silly. Mile 3 was a killer hill, and I think it was heading up that hill where I said “if I get 14, I’ll be happy”. At mile 4, I passed by my house and left my outer layer on the back deck, and grabbed my Fuel Belt. I stocked it with 2 bottles of watered-down Vitamin Water, 2 bottles of water, and GU Chomps.

Miles 5-12: Hello, King’s Point! I had never been down this road before, but East Shore Road was pretty flat and the homes were just gorgeous (including the famous Grace Mansion). The most notable moment was when I ran past a dead cat on the side of the road, screamed, jumped, wasted SO MUCH energy, and probably woke up the entire neighborhood. I am sorry that you now have that image in your head. Moving on…

all over the place

all over the place

Miles 13 & 14: Not gonna lie. These were a S-T-R-U-G-G-L-E. I felt better during the Brrr-ooklyn Half than I did during the last two miles. It was getting really lonely  (my playlist had already looped through twice), and I was really ready to stop running. Not to mention, mile 12 was COMPLETELY uphill (Northern Blvd from Community Drive, past Macys and up to St. Marys). My legs were toast. I managed to eek out 13 & 14, and I was SO happy to see my driveway. Turns out I actually ran my fastest half-marathon (thank you, Nike+ app), so we’ll chalk this up as a win. I really missed my sister, who keeps me going no matter what. All in all, I ran 14 miles in 2:18, at a 9:49 pace. STILL faster than my MGP (marathon goal pace).

I spent the rest of the day with these cuties. We went to church, watched a couple movies, got mani/pedis, and we cooked a big pot of chili for the Super Bowl.



* Marissa and I are training for the 2014 Boston Marathon as part of the Mass General Hospital Marathon team. We are raising money for the pediatric cancer center. Please consider making a donation to this wonderful cause. THANK YOU! *

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