CRASH B’s Indoor Rowing Competition

Taken from the CRASH B website: “The 1980 U.S. boycott of the Olympics was not fun though, and about the same time Concept2 invented their later-named Model A rowing ergometer, the one with the bicycle wheel, a wooden handle and an odometer. The men (and a few women) of C.R.A.S.H.-B., led by the likes of Tiff Wood, Jake Everett and Holly Hatton, formed a fun little regatta of about twenty rowers in Harvard’s Newell Boathouse, to break up the monotony of winter training.

Within a few short years C.R.A.S.H.-B. grew into the international World Indoor Rowing Championships it is now. The regatta outgrew Newell, and then the IAB (the Indoor Athletic Building, now the MAC, the Malkin Athletic Center), the QRAC (Radcliffe Quadrangle Athletic Center), moving to MIT’s Rockwell Cage for many years. In 1995 the regatta moved to Harvard’s Indoor Track Facility, perhaps three times the size of Rockwell Cage. In 1997 C.R.A.S.H.-B. moved to an even larger and ultra-modern facility, the Reggie Lewis Track and Athletic Center at Roxbury Community College. Since 2008, the venue is at Boston University’s Agganis Arena, a state of the art facility just downstream of the original C.R.A.S.H.-B. site.”

BevHud getting ready to start her heat

BevHud getting ready to start her heat

My mom and I signed up to row this year along with a large contingency from the CrossFit community. It is a 2K row, which is a standard benchmark for indoor rowing. It should take between 7-9 minutes and while there can be a lot of strategy involved, for us it was more like an all-out-8-minute sprint on the erg. We arrived early to watch a few of the heats go before our scheduled row time. In perhaps one of the most inspiring thing we’ve witnessed, we got to watch a few of the Adaptive Rowing heats, which included men and women who were rowing in wheel chairs, or with only one leg on the rower. There was also a 96 year old named Paul who rowed his 2K and then got a standing ovation by the crowd. This was a true showing of pure love of the sport, and appreciation for life. I couldn’t wait to get on my rower!

Representing CrossFit516

Representing CrossFit516


Marissa was allowed to come down to the rowing floor and cox for me. I posted a 8:34.2, which was good enough for 40th place out of 48 in the category (hey, I wasn’t last!). Bev was 7th in her age group! It was a fantastic experience, and I can check “Rowing Competition” off my bucket list now.

We loved the printed program for the day, which worked in the Boston Strong theme really well.

Boston Strong on the road or the water

Boston Strong on the road or the water

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