Weekend Run Recap

This weekend finally gave way to some warmer weathers up here in the North East. We opened some windows, took care of some stuff around the house, and moved the baby’s crib to the curb. “Only big girls in this house now.” – Ellie Johnston.

In running news, Marissa set the tone early on Sunday with 10 strong miles through Beverly. She was actually texting me during the run, which was probably easier for her to do without any gloves on! But, ROO, eyes on the road!

Roo's Run

Roo’s Run

I left later on in the afternoon (more on that below), and my goal was to match her 10 miles with 10 of my own in Manhasset. I felt really strong and kept my pace fast (for me) at around 8:50/mile for 6 miles. If I can keep that up for a whole 13.1, I’ll PR (and sub-2-hour!) in NYC on March 16th. That’s the goal! I set up a water break/GU Chomps break on my front steps, and planned on heading back out for another 4-5 miles. What was also waiting for me on the front steps?! This kid!! She said, “WELCOME BACK, MAMA! I’m glad you’re done running, let’s ride my bike!” Marathon training or not, who could say no to that?!

First bike ride of 2014

First bike ride of 2014

Sunday was actually the first day since I started training that I just didn’t feel like running. Blame it on the margaritas from the night before, or the fact that my kids just wanted to play outside in the driveway all day, but something just felt a little lazy inside me. It really helped to know that Marissa was busting her butt on a 10 miler though, and TEAM HUDSONSTRONG doesn’t ever run alone. I am glad that even though I did a shorter run, I got out there when I didn’t want to (AND managed to pull out some fast miles)! This is why we run together.

LUV YA in cookies, for my sister

LUV YA in cookies, for my sister

Starting the week off right with an awesome CrossFit516 morning session, and Marissa is starting her new job today! Woop woop!

Rocking my fave tank from CrossFit Cape Ann

Rocking my fave tank from CrossFit Cape Ann

* We are training for the 2014 Boston Marathon as part of the Mass General Hospital Marathon team. We are raising money for the pediatric cancer center. Please consider making a donation to this wonderful cause. THANK YOU! *

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