Friday: The Weekend Edition

TGIF!  Friday is here.  Unfortunately it is still cold.  For that reason Mer and I both did not have very high mileage this week but we got in a few Crossfit workouts and shorter runs, so we still feel optimistic!

Today I got up for the 5:30AM workout at Crossfit Variance.  Today’s workout was 14.1… the Crossfit Games first workout of the Open:

10 Min AMRAP (As many rounds as possible)

30 Double Unders

15 Power Snatches @55lb (for women)

I got through 5 full rounds and an extra set of 30 double unders before 10 minutes was up and was feeling the burn in my lungs.  After 14.1 we did Tabata Hollow Rocks (8 rounds of 20 seconds on 10 seconds rest) and ended with 8 minutes of partner rows where each partner rowed 250m before switching.  All in all it was a tough Friday morning and I am ready for the weekend!

Tomorrow is my 28th Birthday and I was planning on taking a nice rest day and waking up to a mimosa.  However, it looks like Sunday and Monday will be snowy so I should get my long run in on Saturday.  Goal is to get 14 miles this weekend and hopefully the weather will warm up soon!

Me and Bev Circa March 1, 1989!

Me and Bev Circa March 1, 1989!

* Meredith and I are training for the 2014 Boston Marathon as part of the Mass General Hospital Marathon team. We are raising money for the pediatric cancer center. Please consider making a donation to this wonderful cause. THANK YOU! *

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