Weekend Workout – Less miles, more CrossFit

I’ve written about CrossFit Endurance on the blog a couple times, but I wanted to explain some of the reasoning behind why we aren’t running “long” in these last 7 weeks leading up to Marathon Monday. Since Marissa and I started doing CrossFit in summer of 2011, we’ve been incredibly amazed by the increase in our overall strength and stamina. The faster, shorter CrossFit workouts have changed our bodies because they are constantly varied, and incredibly intense. It totally made sense to me that the same theories would apply to training for endurance events such as marathons, triathlons and cycling. With a focus on power and speed, you can train an athlete to be successful while eliminating unnecessary volume, which lead to more overuse injuries. “Less miles, more CrossFit!”

I had the pleasure of visiting CrossFit Hilton Head on vacation last year, and was coached by Jeff Ford. Jeff is not only an incredible CrossFit coach, but he has a deep focus on the CrossFit Endurance training program, and runs  his own business called Fire Coach Consulting. I stay up-to-date with Jeff’s blog, and love his podcasts. He will be running Boston this year, too! One of the things that Jeff mentioned in his first podcast is how you need to “trust the program”. For someone (like me) who has previously trained for a marathon using the old “Long Slow Run” method, I’d be lying if I said that I’m not just a little bit nervous to not hit 16, 18, or 20 mile runs before Marathon Monday. Will I have what it takes to finish fast? Or, better yet, will I have what it takes to just finish?! The answer is yes. Trust the program. It’s not easy, and I’ll share more of the exact interval, tempo and time trial runs that I’ll be doing in March to give you a better idea of the programming. Knock on the biggest wood pile in the world, but we’re not injured, our bodies feel strong, and I’ve never been pacing this fast in my whole life of running (including as a Division 1 Athlete at Yale). Trust the program.

Weekend Workout Recap:
Saturday – 8 Miles Tempo Run @ 75% of Max Effort
In this case, for me, 100% effort would be an 8 min mile, and I could probably only sustain that for a 5K (without hills, LOL). For an 8 mile tempo run at 75%, I knew I wanted to be just under a 9 min mile when I could, and not too far over that on some hills. Here are my splits: 9:28/9:17/8:45/8:55/9:08/9:05/8:34/8:23
It felt good to have really fast miles at the end of the run, and I was visualizing that I was running down the West Side Highway in the NYC Half-Marathon. My goal is to go sub-2:00 hours in the half on March 16th, and I know that this program will get me there.

Sunday – REST!

6AM on quiet Saturday Morning on my favorite streets

6AM on quiet Saturday Morning on my favorite streets

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