NYC Half-Marathon: Goal Time

On Sunday March 16th, the New York City Half will be my fourth half marathon. I love the half marathon  because it is the perfect combination of a long distance race and a shorter amount of hours on your feet training for it.

Here are my race times so far in life at this distance:
2006 NYC Half – 2:07
2007 Disney World Half – 2:26
2014 Brooklyn Half – 2:07
According to my Nike Running App, my PR for the 13.1 this training season is 2:06 during a 14 mile training run.

2:06 as part of a longer run

2:06 as part of a longer run

My goal for Sunday is to run this race in UNDER 2 hours. It will require an insane amount of control to not start too fast (something I am always guilty of), and some guts to keep the second half of the race pace under 9 mins per mile. The hills are in the first 2-3 miles, and after that, its a fast, flat course. As long as I can keep my wits about me, and work on running each mile a little faster than the last, I feel really confident that I can reach my goal. I want it SO badly. I am obsessed with visualizing the race, rearranging my playlist, going through pre-race checklists, and planning my race-day outfit. I’ve done all the prep work that I could have, now its just time to RACE. Can’t WAIT for Sunday!!


3 thoughts on “NYC Half-Marathon: Goal Time

    • Good luck as well. You can definitely do under 2. Critical to watch your mileage times. I’ll be lagging behind you.

  1. Thanks! I am going to pace around 9:00/9:15 min miles until I get out of the park and then (in the immortal words of Elsa) LET IT GO! Really hoping for some good negative splits after mile 6. Good luck to you too, Ed. You should run it!

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