The Numbers Are In! – Boston Marathon 2014

Yesterday the BAA posted bib numbers and start times for the 118th Boston Marathon. This is all starting to feel so real! I have such mixed feelings of anticipation; on one hand I am SO utterly excited for April 21st and all that those 26.2 miles hold, but on the other hand, I could cry at the drop of the hat that there is an end in sight. It hasn’t even started yet, but I don’t want it to be over. Typical Meredith Hudson mentality!
Here are our bib numbers, wave and corral assignments. I gotta say, its pretty cool to have 31031 as a number when I’ll actually be 31 on race day! We are in Wave 4 with a start time of 11:25AM.

Meredith Johnston, 31031

Meredith Johnston, 31031

Marissa Hudson, 31027

Marissa Hudson, 31027

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