Twas the night before the NYC Half…

It’s finally here! I have been looking forward to this race all training season, and I’m all prepped for tomorrow morning. I just took a Sharpie to my race shirt given to me at the Expo and wrote a big MEREDITH on the front, and SHIPPING UP TO BOSTON – 6 WEEKS on the back.

Here is the plan: Alarm goes off at 5am. Eat half a bagel with almond butter, half a banana and have a cup of coffee at home. Start drinking water.

Wearing: lululemon run ispire crops, Under Armor long-sleeve, NYC Half race shirt (with my name on it, and my number pinned to it), my favorite lululemon socks, Mizuno Wave Inspires, and my new lucky hat from my dad.

ready, go.

ready, go.

I’m going to bring my phone, headphones, Gu Chomps, the other half of the banana, and a water to the start line with me, along with an old sweatshirt and sweatpants to wear on top so I don’t get totally frozen standing in the corrals.

Leave the house at 6:00am, and meet my  CrossFit516 friends Astrid and Ed at the Forest Hills subway stop. Astrid has promised to run the first couple miles with me to help me pace it out, but I expect her to TAKE OFF once we leave the park and go on her merry way of her FIRST HALF-MARATHON!  We should get to Central Park by 7:00am and we’ll be racing by 7:45am.

Tonight I am going to make sure I eat a good meal, lots of protein, and good carbs. Also, restricting to ONE glass of wine. Tomorrow post-race (and hopefully with a new PR, fingers crossed) I’ll be celebrating with some bubbly!

I am so pumped to run NYC tomorrow, that I hope I’ll be able to get a good night’s sleep tonight. If you are in NYC, and anywhere along the race route, be sure to come out and cheer! I’d love to see you!

Happy trails & swift feet tomorrow everyone!

2 thoughts on “Twas the night before the NYC Half…

  1. Congrats on your run and time! I guess the wardrobe worked… or was it the stolen gloves? Oops I’ve said too much

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