18 Miles- Donezo

*Meredith has reached her fundraising goal of $5,000 but I am still working towards my goal! Please consider donating to my Boston Marathon fundraiser by clicking HERE! Thank you to all who have already donated! We really appreciate your support!*

On Saturday I woke up at 7am and set out for my longest run yet… 18 miles.  I had no idea what to expect because I would be running the whole thing by myself and had nobody to push me or talk to me along the way.  I made sure to make a good spotify play list for this one…

Miles 1-3: I felt really good.  It was not too cold and I felt like I dressed perfectly.  Two long sleeves, a vest and our standard pashmina.  I started out my usual 7 mile loop towards Wenham.

3-6 : I still felt pretty good and was heading through Wenham when I took a left instead of my usual right and ran into Hamilton until I hit a gas station so I could grab a Gatorade and eat my GU chomps!  This took probably 2 minutes but I stopped my timer and made sure to eat and drink enough that I had the energy to start up again.




6-10:  These miles were slow and I felt overwhelmed that I was only getting to the halfway point.  I was still running through Wenham and I stopped to stretch out my hamstrings and drink a little more Gatorade.  I decided to run back into Danvers.

10-14:  I headed back into Danvers and started to feel a little better.  Ditched the Gatorade and started to feel like I was getting close to the end!

14-18: I was definitely tired at this point and headed back to Beverly.  I was going at probably 10:30 mile pace.  I was really bored and my play list had looped through a few times but I also was proud I had gone so far.



18 miles done

I finished after 3 hours and 20 minutes of running.  It was a nice slow run and I hope that it will feel a little easier when I am running with Mer and have the energy of the other marathoners around me!

Last long run this weekend- 2o miles! Then Mer and I are headed to Portland, ME to see Darius Rucker! Happy Belated Birthdays to us!!


2 thoughts on “18 Miles- Donezo

  1. Letting the playlist expire!? That’s a rookie mistake. You gotta have a 3-4 hour playlist. Not for race day but for training runs. Those training runs are brutal. good luck this week.

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