Last “Long” Run – 2 Weeks of Training Left.

I never thought I’d be thinking of a 9 mile run as an “easy” one, but here we are, five months of marathon training behind us, and the last “long” run before Boston. I headed out to do 10 miles, but my Nike app failed me halfway through. It was actually very liberating to pace myself by how I felt, not worry about what how far or how long I went, just focus on feeling strong. I did a lot of good hills (and visualized Heartbreak), so when I got home after the run and mapped it out, I was totally fine with coming in under the 10 mile mark.

9 lovely miles

9 lovely miles

Running feels different to me after five months of training. I feel lighter on my feet, like I could run 20 miles on any given Saturday. My head is clear, and my breathing is much quieter. I don’t look at the top of hills when I am running, but just ahead of me and focus on moving my feet quickly, and lean into the hill. I finally run just because I love it, and that’s the best feeling in the world.

As we move into April, the press coverage of the Boston Marathon is plentiful. I pick up Runner’s World magazine every once in a while, and the May issue is a tear-jerker. I also really loved this Dan Shaughnessy article in the Globe. Boston is ready for April 21. And so are we.

Next stop, Hopkinton.

Next stop, Hopkinton.

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