Mile 20 Party – #Hudsonstrong!

Marathons are not about one individual crossing the finish line. It is about months of dedication to training, a supportive family, and the spirit of an entire city coming together. There is nothing more important to Marissa and me than our family, and we couldn’t have asked for a better cheering section than these folks waiting for us at Mile 20. My mom has been a nurse at Mass General Hospital for as long as I can remember, and she was the first person to suggest that we join the MGH Marathon Team when our thoughts turned to running this year.

Mile 20 Party!

Mile 20 Party!

As I approached the Mile 20 MGH party at Dr. Weinstein’s house in Newtown, I first spotted my mom and then saw my Ellie on top of KJ’s shoulders. I was PUMPED to see them, and I still felt pretty good!

My conversation with Ellie went like this:
Ellie: We’ve been looking for you!!
Me: I know! I’ve been coming as fast as I could!
Ellie: Are you done?
Me: I wish.
Ellie: Well, I’m tired.

HA! Ellie, I was tired too but you picked me up and kept me going for the last 26.2. Emily was a little confused why I ran up to them and then ran away after a few minutes, and she didn’t really want to give me a hug, but I am pretty sure that’s because she wanted me to KEEP RUNNING! Ellie had some sweet unicorn face-paint action going on, my dad was wearing his Guy Fieri hat, and everyone was rocking their Run For MGH shirts. I really think Marissa and I had the easier job on Monday. Trying to navigate Boston on Marathon Monday, taking the T, and walking for miles is NO easy feat with a stroller and two little ones. So proud of E&e for being so good and watching their first Boston Marathon like champs!

Big shout out to the best fans of the day! You are our everything!

Go Team MGH!

Go Team MGH!

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