Weekly Workouts – First Week Post-Marathon

This time last week we were still hobbling around a little bit, still wearing our shiny FINISHER medals, and reeling in the runner’s high of 26.2 in Boston. This week, its back to work, or rather…normal life!

Monday: CrossFit516

Tuesday: Rest.

Wednesday: CrossFit516

Thursday: CrossFit Endurance

Friday: CrossFit516

Saturday: Rest.

Sunday: Long Island 1/2 Marathon

I would love to PR this race, and certainly feel like sub 1:50 is attainable at some point this year, just not so sure 2 weeks post-Boston Marathon is the best timing. This is a really fun, local race and I’m looking forward to stepping up the distance a bit since I PR’d my 10k time last spring (53:14, 8:42 pace). Big high-fives to all my CrossFit516’ers who are running on Team WSA, and Astrid G. who will also be rocking the half! The weather report looks perrrrrfect for 13.1.

Don't mind if I do...

Don’t mind if I do…

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