13 Runner Questions

My first blogger quiz!  I loved reading Kim’s answers, and I hope that mine are even a little bit interesting to you!

What is your best run ever – My B.R.E. was definitely the Chicago Marathon in 2006. I had just finished my last chemo treatment in February 2006, and I finished 26.2 miles 6 months later. At the time, it was the best day of my life, and I’ll never forget how the tears stung my eyes as I crossed the finish line. Goosebumps. I was BACK.

Chicago Marathon 2006 (that's me in the front in the purple)

Chicago Marathon 2006 (that’s me in the front in the purple)

3 words that describe my running – Competitive, sweaty, and musical (always have my headphones on).

 What is your go-to running outfit?  – Mizuno Wave Rider 17, lululemon socks (they will change your life), lululemon Inspire Crops, a lululemon CRB, and junk brand headband.

Run: Swiftly Turtleneck, lulu crops

Run: Swiftly Turtleneck, lulu crops

What is your one quirky running habit? – I have to end my runs on exactly XX:00 on my Garmin so if I’m pretty close, I’ll do laps in my driveway until I hit an exact mile.

Do you prefer morning, midday, or evening runs? – Always have been, always will be a morning runner

I won’t run outside when it’s… – Over 80 degrees. Ever. I’m sorry. I don’t do well in heat.

What is your worst injury – and how did you get over it? – When I was in college, I had really bad stress fractures from playing field hockey. Since I’ve started doing CrossFit and doing long distance runs, I LUCKILY haven’t been injured. KNOCK ON ALL THE WOOD!

My personal best half marathon or marathon is2014 NYC Half-Marathon. My goal was to go sub-2 hours, and I got 1:54. I was in the best running shape of my life in March.

1:54 for 13.1

1:54 for 13.1

My next race is – NYRR Bronx Ten-Miler on Sept 28. I don’t do a lot of summer races, because we are away so many weekends.

My running goal for 2014 – Sub-5:00 hour marathon, if I am accepted on a team for the NYC Marathon. If not, run sub-1:50 for BAA Boston Half Marathon in October. I would need to shave 4 mins off my PR for this, but it’s a goal!

What GPS do you use? – Garmin Forerunner 10 (in lime green!)

How do you stay motivated in the summer? – Sign up for fall races so that I’ll have things to train for.

What is your favorite post run treat? – beer!



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