Race Recap | Beverly Homecoming 5K

Marissa and I ran in the Beverly Homecoming 5K last Thursday night. It was our first time bringing the band back together for a Team HudsonStrong race since the Boston Marathon! It rained as we were pulling into Lynch Park, but stopped just in time for the races to start. AND we got a beautiful rainbow.

pretty perfect way to start the race

pretty perfect way to start the race

Before the 5K, Ellie and Emily ran in the 50 yard dash and 100 yard dash kid’s races. They crushed it, and got to wear real numbers on their shirts!

first race!

first race!

Team HudsonStrong headed to the starting line which was up at the top of the park. We were both wearing brand new shoes (Marissa bought hers an hour before the run, and I bought mine 3 days before), and I was wearing a completely new outfit, too. PS – The New Balance 890s are AMAZING. I also wore brand new camo lululemon Speeds, and the Uber tank-top I got on Uber Ice Cream Day. I hate pinning holes in my lulu, so I save tanks like these for races.

new balance 890s times two

new balance 890s times two

3..2..1..GO and we were off. I once again can not figure out how to start off with any semblence of control, so ended up posting a quick 7:37 mile 1. That is pretty fast for me, so I knew I wouldn’t be able to hold that for three miles. Mile 2 rambled through some really cute neighborhoods, which included a couple hills. Woof. Mile 3 had the biggest hill of all though, coming right before a nice fast 1/4 mile downhill into Lynch Park and the finish line. I was cruising through the last 200 yards and passed our cheering section, and saw that clock was just about to tick to 25:00. If I sprinted fast enough, I was probably going sub-25:00. I crossed the finished line, and my Garmin clocked me at 24:58 with my splits 7:37/8:03/8:22. It must have taken me a few seconds to get to the starting line, because my official time was 24:53, an 8:01 pace. Roo crushed it in 27:13, an 8:46 pace. PRs all around for Team HudsonStrong! It must be those new sneaks!

couple of personal records right here!

couple of personal records right here!

This is a race that we’ll definitely keep on the calendar for next year. It was so well organized, the course was beautiful, and it was really fun to watch the girls do the kid’s run. Loved it!

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