Week 6 | Brooklyn Half Training – Taper & Goals!

The past six weeks seemed to have FLOWN by. From my first phone call with coach Jess to picking up my bib at the best expo every yesterday, my Brooklyn half training plan was just plain FUN. CrossFit definitely took a backseat as I ramped up to running 4-5x a week, versus just 2 or 3 when I was marathon training. Yes, when I was FULL marathon training I ran less per week. Yikes. Anyway, suffice to say, I am ready for 13.1 miles through Brooklyn tomorrow morning.

Now, for goals. Oh, goals. I love you.

Safety goal – Sub 2:00. I’ve done this before, last year at the NYC Half, and I feel super confident that sub 2:00 is possible tomorrow, even with rain, even if something goes wrong, even if I don’t feel “great”.

Goal-goal – PR! Run faster than a 1:54.

Reach goal – 1:4X ????????? Maybe not tomorrow, but maybe sometime this year?!

Now my taper week re-cap. Running? What running? LOL.

Monday– Last long run! 6 miles through Marsh Landing. Florida is humid and hot, but I was still at my goal-pace of 8:30 for my tempo miles.
Tuesday– Umm. Sat by the pool. And the beach. This was rest to the REST.
Wednesday– Travel day, nothing.
Thursday– Umm, taper? Nothing. Nothing. Traveled out to Brooklyn to the best expo ever. I wish I could have spent more time out on Pier 2 enjoying all of the airbnb and New Balance fun.

love a good bib-pickup-picture

love a good bib-pickup-picture

Friday– Went to CrossFit to roll it out, stretch, row a little and ran one easy, peasy mile.

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