Race Recap | Mayflower Brewery Half Marathon

Another sister race in the books! We ran in the inaugural Mayflower Brewery Half on June 14th in Plymouth MA. The field was relatively small, and the event was so well organized. Two thumbs up!

Parking and bib pick-up the morning of the race was a breeze. Along with our bibs, we also got pretty cool technical shirts and a beer stein. Any race with a beer stein is a race I want to run in.

lining up at the start

lining up at the start

We started at the top of the street next to the brewery, on a downhill. The first 4-5 miles were a breeze, and mostly flat to downhill. I knew the race was going to finish back UP those hills, but I tried to put that out of my mind and just find my groove. We ran on a nice bike path along the coast in Plymouth, and there were actually people out on the course cheering us on almost the whole way. So cool!

I had heard that the race didn’t get hard until the last 5 miles when the hills really picked up, so I made the decision to not pace myself the same way I would for a flatter distance. I ran the first 5-6 miles at a pretty fast pace, and then didn’t feel like I was totally screwing myself over when I had to run miles 10-13.1 at a slower pace. Does that make sense? It did to me. And it seemed to work! Even with a few fast initial miles, and some sloooowwwww miles (mile 10 was practically straight up-hill on a dirt path which I WALKED!), I crossed the finish line in 2:06 (9:38 min miles). For comparison, my 5K split was 25:45 (8:17 min miles). Soooo yeah, I booked it at the beginning, and then let myself just take it easy on those hills.

The best part of the day came after I got my medal (really nice bling) and some water and made my way back to the finish line just in time to watch Roo cross! Got some great pics.



After we finished, it was beer time! The kegs were open and we got a free beer coupon with our bibs. Our family and friends also joined for the festivities at the brewery and then we made our way for some food and drinks in Plymouth.

All in all, this was a great race but it was REALLY hard. It shouldn’t be anyone’s first half marathon. That would be brutal, I think. I’m not sure we’ll run it again, but I am really glad we did it at least once!

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