Three Towns, 2 Girls,1 Goal!

Yesterday Mer and I embarked on our second 10 mile training run together.  This time we were running from Beverly to Danvers (Our old stompin’ grounds) and then through Wenham and back to Beverly.  It was a little chilly but the roads were clear enough to get out there and run.

Miles 1-3: We were feeling pretty strong.  Headed out onto Conant Street which would take us from Beverly to Danvers.  Had a late night at the Pickled Onion with Ms. Abby Shafner, so we felt surprisingly good for the start of the run.  Mile 3 took us off of the busy roads and into the neighborhoods of Danvers where we grew up.  We ran by Abby’s house and Danvers high school and felt like we were moving at a good pace.  Love running in the middle of streets where there are no cars and we can run side by side as opposed to single file!

Mile 4-5 took us by our old house in Danvers, and we followed Old Burley St. right by the Beverly Airport and into Wenham.

Mile 6-8 we were feeling a bit sluggish.  Around mile 6 we ate our GU Chomp Watermelon snacks which we loved so much on our last run, definitely going to stock up on those! Mile 7 took us into the Beverly Airport and the Cherry Hill Industrial Park.  This was not the highlight of the run but we knew we were close to home and we kept our spirits high.

Mile 9-10 we were back out on Conant Street heading back home.  We felt a little more tired than we did on the last run but we know that every day will be different and we are happy that we still got out there and ran 10 miles!  #Run4MGH #bostonmarathon2014



Sister Training Run – Double Digits!

We took advantage of the December heat wave and headed out  to hit 10 miles. We both had really bad nights of sleep the night before, so we knew if we could do 10 today, we could do 10 any day.

10 miles baby!

10 miles baby!

Miles 1-3: Pretty easy, light warm up, and we were starting to get really hot.

Mile 4: Headed back to the house to ditch our long sleeves and grab a water bottle to run with, which I filled with half Vitamin Water, half water.

Mile 5-6: Probably our slowest miles. We were trying to stay hydrated.

At mile 6, we popped some Gu Chomps to start practicing eating & running. We loved them (each had 2) and they weren’t too hard to digest or anything.

Gu Chomps

Gu Chomps

Mile 7-8: Feeling energized from the sugar rush, but hit some hills that were just killer. As we hit mile 9, we knew we had to make up for some slower miles.

Mile 9-10: BAM! Our two fastest miles! This is HUGE! We dug deep and found some speed left in our legs to kick it in hard for the last two miles. The road was nice and flat, which helped.

I am so proud of us for reaching double digits right before the holidays. I think our training is going really well, and we’re definitely getting in the mileage that we need at this point. Only 19 weeks to go!

7 Before 7

I’m so happy to have a friend who lives a couple blocks away who is down for early morning runs. We made plans to meet at 5:30am in front of Dunkin Donuts in town. As I was running up, I could see all the donuts in the window, and I opened the door to wait for her just inside, and the smell of coffee was so tempting. They had to wait, though. We had work to do! I like to consider myself a morning person, but my friend Liz is seriously the most friendly person I know at 5:30am. This morning our route took  us down and up a couple little hills in Manhasset town, through Plandome, and back up my favorite street, Heights. We chatted about our kids, Christmas shopping, our families crazy shopping habits, and before I knew it, 4 miles had passed and we were back in town. There was hardly any ice on the actual roads, so we stuck to roads with no cars on them and ran right down the middle. It was a really great 4 miles, and the weather had us both pretty warm.

As I turned down my street, my legs felt really strong. My daughter had a special day at school this morning, so I wasn’t taking my usual 8:16am train to NYC, and had a little bit more time than I usually have in the morning. SO I just kept running, and did another 3 miles!



7 miles before 7am. Done and done. Now bring on that coffee….

* Marissa and I are training for the 2014 Boston Marathon as part of the Mass General Hospital Marathon team. We are raising money for the pediatric cancer center. Please consider making a donation to this wonderful cause. THANK YOU! *

Why We Run Wednesdays: Because Others Can’t

This Holiday season as Mer and I are training in the bone chillin’ temps and the slippery snow, I sometimes ask myself “Why am I doing this?”  The answer is because other’s cant.

We are so fortunate to be able to focus on all the fun of the holidays, but there are many children who will be in the hospital this Christmas, specifically in the pediatric cancer center at Mass General Hospital.  This will be happening all across the world.

Since 1998, the Mass General Marathon Team has raised nearly $9 million to support the pediatric hematology-oncology program at MassGeneral Hospital forChildren (MGHfC). Funds raised are directed to cancer care and research initiatives that enhance the quality of life for the hospital’s youngest cancer patients.

MGHfC has put these funds to good use advancing cutting-edge research, increasing the number of clinical studies to improve cure rates and providing the best treatment possible to pediatric cancer patients. But MGHfC is also focused on the quality of life of its young patients and their families. The marathon program also supports child life activities such as art and music therapy and support services for parents and siblings of patients.

If freezing cold training runs, pushing my legs until they cannot go any further, raising money for a great charity and having my sister alongside me the whole way is ALL we have to do to help this cause, then we WILL run all winter long, and then some!


Please consider donating to our Marathon fund this Holiday season!

Training Schedule – Week 6

Monday 12/16 – CrossFit: Mer: 5-5-5-5 back squatz, 4 rounds for time: 7 deadlifts, 7 burpees, 14 wall balls.

Tuesday 12/17 – CrossFit

Wednesday 12/18 – CrossFit

Thursday 12/19 – Supposed to be 40 degrees, so planning an early morning 5 mile tempo training run

Friday 12/20 – REST

Saturday 12/21 – 10 mile training run. Working on a route now, and thinking I might drive out of Manhasset for something different

Sunday 12/22 – REST

Dear Santa, Lulu makes running mittens... love, Mer&Roo

Dear Santa, Lulu makes running mittens… love, Mer&Roo

Race Recap: Ted Corbitt 15K, NYC – Let it snow!

Running 9.3 miles in a 27 degree snowstorm doesn’t sound like a whole lot of fun to many people, and I totally get that. However, as Roo and I crossed the finish line in 1 hour and 36 minutes, I couldn’t help but think to myself how freaking AWESOME the Ted Corbitt 15K was. Let me back up…



We jumped on the 7:16 train from Manhasset to the city dressed in strategic layers of lululemon, headbands, gloves, and NYC street cart pashminas that we planned on discarding once we started running. The snow was starting to fall while we waited on the platform, but the Facebook post from NYRR that morning said “Game on!” There was no turning back! We made some friends on the N train (the only other ones crazy enough to be wearing running gear), and we chatted the whole way to the starting line at Harlem. Turns out, they are in the same CSA as me! Small (long island) world. We rode the subway to 103rd Street, and we joined the other 5,000 people (yes, five THOUSAND  showed up to run in the snow) at the starting line in Central Park. We just kept saying to each other “We’re not the only crazy ones. We’re not the only crazy ones.”

Miles 1-3 were easy breezy. The snow was starting to come down a little heavier, but it was so festive, no one seemed to mind. No joke, we spotted at least 3 Santas on the course. We weren’t too cold as we started out,  just anxious to get through the 9.3 miles. We were still wearing the pashminas that we meant to ditch, and they ended up being HUGE lifesavers. Our necks and chins weren’t too exposed, and we kept them on the entire run. Not bad for $5 pashies!

Around mile 4, we got a huge surprise; Annie Martin! Thank goodness for my early morning Instagram, so Annie knew to look for some hot pink pants. Annie helped us through miles 4-6, and those ended up being our two fastest miles of the morning (9:30/9:40 min per mile). She chatted, we listened, she told us we were doing awesome, and we totally believed her. At mile 6, Annie peeled off to finish her own run at her own speed (the faster kind), but we were so appreciative of the boost she gave us when we needed it most!

Once we hit 6 miles, we mentally prepared ourselves for the final 5K that would bring us home. It was our second and last loop of the park. The snow was still coming down, but the pains here and there in our legs were more distracting than any of the weather conditions. We felt strong at mile 7, hit the mile marker at 8 (which was right after our last big hill), and headed on home to mile 9. Here are things that sometimes go under-appreciated in running races: THE CROWD. Now, there weren’t throngs of people in the park cheering us on, but there were more people than you would except. The NYRR volunteers were SO positive, and absolutely amazing to stand out there in the snow to make sure we stayed on course. Nothing makes you feel better than someone telling you how great you look when you are at the end of your rope! Can’t thank those folks enough.

Heading into the final 500 yards, the music was blasting and the crowd was pretty built up. I always find something in me to sprint at the end. We kicked it in hard and FINISHED our longest training run so far this year. I must admit, 10:19 pace is not too shabby for the weather conditions that we were in. We were absolutely pumped, and thoroughly enjoyed the frozen Gatorade slush at the finish line.



Thank you Erin Hozak, for meeting up with us after the race for coffee and bagels, Annie Martin for the mid-race company and support, and NYRR for the amazing volunteers that made the event such a fun morning. Marissa Hudson, I’m so proud of you!

* Marissa and I are training for the 2014 Boston Marathon as part of the Mass General Hospital Marathon team. We are raising money for the pediatric cancer center. Please consider making a donation to this wonderful cause. THANK YOU! *

Upcoming Races – NYC Half!!!!

NYRR Upcoming Races

NYRR Upcoming Races

It’s official! I found out today that I was accepted through the lottery to run the 2014 NYC Half on March 16th. I actually ran in the very first NYC half-marathon ever back in 2006, and it was SO much fun to run through Central Park, down through Time Square (with traffic blocked), and end way downtown. Super psyched to run this for a second time!

This weekend, Roo and I are rocking the Ted Corbitt Classic 15K, which will certainly be a challenge in the chilly weather. It might even snow! Wish us luck!

Why We Run Wednesdays – Teach Your Children

We are going to start something on the blog called “Why We Run Wednesdays”. Some posts might be short, some might be longer, some might just be pictures, but all will hopefully serve as a reminder as to why Marissa and I set out to train for the Boston Marathon on April 21 (20 weeks away!)

Here is the first WWRW (sort of a lay-up) : I am running the Boston Marathon to inspire my daughters (Roo’s neices). One of the most important qualities that I want to instill in them is an appreciation of hard work. You have to get up. You have to put in the time. You have to toil, sweat, question yourself. No one else is going to do it for you. If you want it, go and get it. This is why I get up early, while everyone else is sleeping in a warm house, and train. That, and I’m hoping that one of these days Mickey will greet me with a hug at the end of a run…

Disney World 2013

Disney World 2013

Please consider donating to the Mass General Marathon Team to raise money for the pediatric cancer center. Roo and I are honored to run on the team this year.

Team Tuesday

Last night was the first official Mass General Marathon Team meeting! The meeting started off with introductions from the team leaders.  Howard Weinstein, MD is the marathon program founder and our team captain.  This year will be his 25th year running Boston! He started the program off by asking how many of us had never run a marathon before, how many had, and how many had ran last year but were unable to finish because of the bombings.  The amount of people who raised their hand for each category amazed me.  I went in thinking I would be one of the few who had never run before and left feeling like I really had a team of people who were just like me.  Seeing a lot of faces in the crowd who had been stopped at Mile 25 last year hit me hard.  If they are back here doing it all over again after last year, I know that I will find a way within myself to finish alongside them.

We also met our running coach, Dan, from South End Athletic Company, and he created two training schedules for us to follow.  One is for beginners and the other is for intermediates and they both start today!

Happy Tuesday! #Run4MGH

Mass General

Training Schedule – Week 5

Monday – Rest because Sunday (yesterday) was a 5 mile run and it’s also rainy and gross out there today. Check out my local Manhasset route below! I’m consistently getting these runs in the sub-10 minute mile range.  I even ran 8 miles at a sub-9 minute mile when I ran in Florida. Loving that all the training is working and CrossFit is (of course) making my legs stronger.

Tuesday – CrossFit

Wednesday – CrossFit

Thursday – Rest

Friday – CrossFit

Saturday – Marissa and I are both running the Ted Corbitt 15K together in Central Park


My new fave out-and-back route for a frozen fiver on Sunday

My new fave out-and-back route for a frozen fiver on Sunday